Karcher HD1.8/13CED Cold Water Pressure Washer HD1.8/13CED Cold water pressure washer. 110Volt, 1300 psi. CALL FOR QUOTE
Karcher HDS2.3/12CED Hot Water Pressure Washer HDS2.3/12CED Hot water pressure washer. 110 Volt, 450-1200 psi, CALL FOR QUOTE
Karcher Upright Hot Water Pressure Washer HDS1.7/12UED Hot water pressure washer. 110 Volt, 1300 psi. CALL FOR QUOTE
Karcher HDS3.5/3.0-4M Hot Water Pressure Washer HDS3.5/30-4M Hot water pressure washer. 220 Volt, 450-3000 psi. CALL FOR QUOTE
Karcher HDS3.5/35PEC Hot Water Pressure Washer HDS3.5/35PEC Hot water pressure washer. Honda GX390 Motor, 3500 psi. Heats with diesel. CALL FOR QUOTE
Kärcher G 3000 OH Pressure Washer 11072810 Karcher's G 3000 OH is a compact powerhouse that generates 3000 PSI of pressure. CALL FOR QUOTE
HD 3.0/20-4 M Ea High Pressure Washer HD3.0/204MEA Powerful, mobile high-pressure cleaner with a 4-pole, low-speed AC motor, pressure switch control, rotatable spray lance and pivoting pressure hose. Water flow and working pressure can be conveniently controlled via Servo Control directly on the spray gun. CALL FOR QUOTE
Karcher HD 3.5/30-4 S Cold Water Pressure Washer HD3.5/30-4S The HD 3.5/30-4 S Ea cold water high-pressure cleaner with three-phase drive offers a high level of convenience and the impressive power of 250 bar with a maximum flow volume of 1,000 l/h. CALL FOR QUOTE
Karcher HD3.5/40P Cold Water Pressure Washer HD3.5/40P The Kärcher HD 3.5/40 P is a compact, maneuverable professional-grade cold water pressure washer with a commercial-duty gun and wand. CALL FOR QUOTE

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