Karcher BRC 30/15 Carpet Extractor 10080580 Perfect small area carpet maintenance solution. CALL FOR QUOTE
Karcher BRC 38/30 Carpet Extractor 10080530 A Kärcher BRC 38/30 C will quickly subdue dirt and grime from your carpets. CALL FOR QUOTE
Karcher AB84 Air Blower 10040530 From floor to ceiling our Kärcher AB 84 will quickly dry floors. CALL FOR QUOTE
Karcher Puzzi 10/1 Carpet Extractor 11001330 The Puzzi 10/1 is ideal for cleaning smaller to medium-sized carpets, upholstery and textile flooring. CALL FOR QUOTE
Minuteman XRide 28 SCV28-C The X Ride 28 is a 28" rider carpet extractor can clean large carpeted areas quickly and efficiently while the operator rides in comfort CALL FOR QUOTE
Minuteman Gotcha Portable Spot Remover C46500-00 The Gotcha! is designed for spot removal and carpet maintenance operations that require maneuverability, efficiency, power and hassle-free, one-person operation CALL FOR QUOTE
Minuteman Rush Series Extractor R100H Powerful cleaning performace with features like dual vacuums for optimum recovery and up to 500 psi all in a compact, easy to use design CALL FOR QUOTE
NaceCare Avenger Self Contained Carpet Extractor - 12 Gal AV12QX Running under 60 dB, the AV 12QX is an excellent choice for any 24 hour facility, especially in the hospitality and healthcare industries. CALL FOR QUOTE
Proteam® ProBlitz® AirMover with handle 107133 Maximum airflow and low amp draw combine to make the ProBlitz AirMover the first choice for Carpet Cleaners and Restoration Contractors alike. CALL FOR QUOTE
Tennant E5 Compact, Low-Profile Carpet Extractor 9004194 Designed for operator comfort and easy storage, the E5 Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor featuring Insta-Adjust™ Handle is perfect for deep cleaning small spaces. CALL FOR QUOTE
Tennant EH5 16 gal Heated Canister Carpet Extractor 9011454 Keep carpets cleaner for longer with the modern technology and approach of the EH5 Carpet Extractor. CALL FOR QUOTE
Windsor i-Extract Rider Chariot 98412190 The Chariot iExtract applies a cleaning solution onto a carpet floors. CALL FOR QUOTE
Minuteman X17 ECO Carpet Extractor X17115 Deep cleans the carpet while a heavy duty vacuum picks up the water all in one pass. CALL FOR QUOTE

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